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How To Simplify Spreadsheet Formulas.

How To Simplify Spreadsheet Formulas.

Spreadsheets involve data entry with a spreadsheet formula this task becomes easier.

Being able to Type data into cells in a spreadsheet is not enough, to streamline the process we must use a spreadsheet formula.

You should be able to carry out certain basic data input tasks that might be required obviously depending on what your doing.

So in these type of cases, a spreadsheet formula will come in handy making time consuming and mundane work more streamlined.

A spreadsheet formula is basically a representation of an expression that enables the spreadsheet to carry out certain automated calculations on certain desired cells or data and displaying the solution.

The spreadsheet formulas are created and entered into the formula bar.

There are a wide range of spreadsheet formulas available for a multitude of uses, They range from some very basic calculations such as addition or subtraction through to others that are very complex indeed.

As mentioned simplest spreadsheet formulas are ones that can carry out simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Addition is used to find the sum of two or more figures. Subtraction gets the difference among the data. Multiplication is for obtaining the product of cells or data, Finally, division is for finding the dividend of desired data.

To create a spreadsheet formula you go to the cell in which the result is to be displayed and begin the formula with an equal sign then followed by the reference cells, each cell has a unique name that is a combination of alphabetical and numerical data, when referring to a cell this unique name is used.

When complete, the spreadsheet formula is executed by clicking the ‘tick’ sign on the formula bar or simply pressing enter.

The more complex type of spreadsheet formulas are usually added to functions.

Besides the basic arithmetic, one might wish to carry out advanced calculations,including; sum, count, or average calculations. Just as is the case for the basic ones, these complex functions should begin with an equal sign then the function.

In this case after the function name an opening bracket is keyed in followed by the reference cells and closing bracket.

The process of execution is still the same with regards to any spreadsheet formula.

Most of the time,you may wish to execute the functions or a range of data. It is very tedious to type in the cell references one by one the simplest way is using the colon sign to indicate the range of cells, key in the first cell, then the colon and finish with the last cell.

As you continue to use spreadsheets you will find an array of tools to make the most complex tasks simpler and as with anything when your skill level increases so will the speed of application Etc.

A major advantage of using spreadsheet formulas is that they cover a very wide range of calculations and statistical analysis.

Using spreadsheet formulas will definitely make your work a lot easier spend the time to become familiar with all aspects of spreadsheets..

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  • vansomuand:

    I used to think spreadsheets were very hard to use but your site has shown me thats not the case.

  • Thanks for posting this info.
    I have been doing some searching for a while on how to
    simplify my routine or just get organized.
    This helped alot thanks again!

  • Rick:

    I think that everybody knows how good and beneficial spreadsheets are but for me it is a pain in the you know what to try and set them up correctly. Generally I try to find one I can purchase that already does what I want. On occasion I have paid to have one created.

  • Wow, spreadsheet formulas, now there is something that sure does need simplifying eh ;-)

    Spreadsheets are VERY powerful and can save a lot of time when dealing with data. Thanks for this article on spreadsheets.

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